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2016:  We are moving to a New homepage!

IDMS/SQL News   At Googlesites  NEW Jan 2016


CA IDMS/DB Schema diagrams with Eclipse(2015 March)     

Surprisingly Benelux is active with IDMS, Schema and the diagrams!

IDMS Schema in Eclipse Luc Hermans keeps the IDMS passion alive (quite surprisingly) even in this 2015! On behalf of IDMS folks in Scandinavia and SQL News  "Well done and Best Wishes!"

NOSQL Databases - Finally!

The failure of the new relational databases to provide any level of OLTP and the impedance mismatch with OO languages like Java, C# etc have given rise to new databases known as NOSQL databases!  There is already products out here like MongoDB, CouchDB etc. Some of the oldtimers have reminded people about the OLTP power of IDMS and IMS.  (More to follow)

 Old Pages at IDMS/SQL  at Reocities !

We will have all the pages here, but until then see the static archive at  

IDMS/SQL News 15.1 Summary Issue 2003-2006

IDMS/SQL Old Issues

While you are waiting we have recovered some of the old issues. Here are some of them. Issues are put unedited as we got it. Some of the links from the articles may not work. Unfortunately we do not have time to edit these now.

SQL News 1.1 From 1992!
SQL News 1.2
SQL News 1.3 First time on the Web!
SQL News 1.4 First time on the Web! SQL News 6.3
SQL News 6.4
SQL News 7.1 1998
SQL News 7.2
SQL News 7.3
SQL News 7.4
SQL News 8.1 The only issue of 1999
IDMS/SQL News 9.1 First Issue of 2000
IDMS/SQL News 9.2 Second Issue of 2000
IDMS/SQL News 9.3 December 2000 Issue
IDMS/SQL News 10.1April 2001 Issue
IDMS/SQL News 10.2 October 2001 Issue is finally released

IDMS/SQL News 11.1 It took a while

SQL Database Scripts for IDMS A real demo - N E W - Sept 2005

Here is a link to the IDMS Manuals (15.0)

Mainframe Link grandsysteme links 

IDMS SQL Database Script  A Sample Script running sql database creation (Real screen copy)

Optimization in SQL Real Example from IDMS

               IDMS/SQL deplores Yahoo's decision to close down Geocities!

SIGN Petition  Open Letter to Yahoo on Geocities!

System370  IBM370 the very first Virtual Machine         

Ariane 5  Ariane-5 report refers to IDMS/SQL.  Issue 9.3 (2000) had referred to the failure of ariane-5 and the cause related to the internal SRI software exception caused during execution of a data conversion from 64-bit floating point to 16-bit signed integer value. We are really honoured when we see our commments have been taken seriously by a scientiic report.

Flags of Nations Java based Flag Cube... Funny part of Java


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